Thursday, 20 June 2013

iPhone 5 Tips You Should Not Be Without

With the proliferation of smart phones and mobile phones with touch screen, it can be quite hard to come across someone who has not heard about the iPhone, or at least own one. However, most of the time, owners of iPhone do not have an idea about how they can actually make the most of their trusty mobile device.

The iPhone first came about in June 2007 a few months after Apple has discontinued support for ROKR, the first mobile phone that made use of iTunes. Since then, Apple has come with 5 more models, incorporating various updates not only to the hardware but to the apps as well. Because of the constant changes and updates in the design and operating system, many iPhone users do not bother to check if there are actually tips and tricks that they can use in order to extend the life of their phone and make it more dependable.

If you own an iPhone4 or an iPhone 5 model, you would know that these come in either white/ silver or a black/ slate color combination. Most people typically go for the latter because of its sleek and professional look. If you are one of these people, you have to make sure that you get a casing for your phone. You also have to make sure that you do not just place it on top of any surface as the black/slate iPhone 5 has a tendency to get scratches easily.

Stuck at the bottom of a page and do not want to spend too much time and effort scrolling your way to the top? Your best move would be to tap the right-hand corner of your screen, right where the clock is. This would allow you to jump right to the top of the page. Another nifty trick when it comes to browsing content without going over your data plan would be to make use of offline reading. Later versions of iPhone allow you to save web content for offline reading by pressing down on the page concerned and waiting for a menu to pop up. Once it does, all you have to do is click on “Add to Reading List” and you are off to go.

If you are using your iPhone in order to take pictures, make sure that you turn on the HDR. Keep in mind that this would not only help you take crisper pictures but would also provide you with two choices as you would have an HDR image as well as its non-HDR counterpart. A caveat, HDR images tend to be processed at a much slower speed than its counterpart.

There are rumors that the iPhone 5s is to be released anytime soon. This means that there is a whole new slew of commands, tips, and tricks that users have to get accustomed to. You can still, however, make use of such features as Siri, Find My iPhone, and iCloud, which are sure to still be present in iPhone 5s.

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