Thursday, 20 June 2013

Taking Care of your iPhone and iPad

Ever since the introduction of the iPhone, Apple seems to be making a killing especially in terms of providing options for mobility among urban professionals. When the first iPhone was released in 2007, many saw it as a game changer in the mobile industry. With a sleek look and the ability for customization, a lot of consumers were taken in awe by the first iPhone. Contentment, however, is something that seems to be lacking in Steve Jobs’ vocabulary as he set about in making sure that all the things that were not considered when the first iPhone was designed would not be incorporated in an upgraded iPhone. Thus, after six years, the market now has 6 variations of the iPhone.

Apple did not stop with an iPhone, however. With more and more people clamoring for a device that would help them get through their daily activities without necessarily being cumbersome, it is only but natural for the mobile giant to come up with the idea for the iPad, a cross between an iPhone and the netbook.

If you are one of the lucky people who happen to be owners of an iPhone or an iPad (or both!), you have to exert an effort in order to take care of your device. Probably the easiest way that this can be done is if you get yourself an iPad or an iPhone cover, depending on which unit your have. Finding one that would fit your unit is not that hard as there are a number of stores, both online and offline, that sell different kinds of iPhone or iPad cover. What’s more, you can always head to an Apple Store, online or offline, if every you cannot find an iPhone or iPad cover that would suit your taste.

Aside from getting an iPad or an iPhone cover, it is also a great idea to have a screen protector in place. This would help protect your screen from any scratches that could interfere with your iPhone’s or iPad’s viewing performance.

Because an Iphone’s battery can be somewhat sensitive to the environment, you have to make sure that, every now and then, you have it fully drained before charging. As tempting as it may be, never trying opening your iPhone and toying with the battery. If you have concerns with your battery’s performance, the best thing that you can do is bring it to an Apple store and have their technicians take a look at what could be causing the problem.

If your battery gets drained easily, check if there are any applications running in the background. Your Wi-Fi as well as your Bluetooth connection are just two of the most common culprits when it comes to short battery life. Setting the background light to the maximum level can also cause the battery to get drained easily.

Lastly, if you are planning to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad and tinker with its operating system, don’t! Jailbreaking, including opening the unit, might cause you to lose your warranty coverage. If ever something happens to your iPhone or iPad, you might then find yourself having to spend more.

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