Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Constantly Evolving and Improving iPhone

At this point, suggesting that another mobile phone is superior to the iPhone seems almost like a needlessly contrarian perspective than one that is actually fueled by forethought and sound reasoning. Judging the iPhone solely by its own merits will quickly reveal that is in indeed a superior device when compared to the other ones that it is in direct competition with. The function that has been most closely associated to the iPhone is its possession of the intelligent personal assistant known as Siri. This relatively new feature has revolutionized the way that people look up information, and from a technological perspective, it’s even more proof that the futuristic societies that featured hovercars and moving sidewalks are moving closer and closer to reality. Aside from the very helpful Siri, the iPhone also features an intuitive touchscreen interface that allows for faster access, not to mention a sleeker look. The iPhone is celebrated and lauded all across the globe, and the sheer popularity of this product has given rise to more versions.

The iPhone 4s is the fifth version of the ever popular and remarkably ubiquitous Apple gadget. Released back in October of 2011 for some countries and in November of that same year for the others, the touchscreen phone has managed to keep up the iPhone’s tradition of not only garnering huge sales figures but also keeping consumers wanting more. Judging solely by its appearance, mobile enthusiasts may get the idea that there is nothing really different from this version than from the ones that were released prior to it. This of course is an inaccurate assessment. The hardware specifications found on the previous incarnations of the iPhone were upgraded for this model, and new software updates were also introduced. One notable addition that also managed to grab a few headlines along the way was the introduction of a new intelligent personal assistant known as Siri. The addition is an example of voice recognition software with the not so minor addition that it is actually capable of not only understanding the tasks given out by a particular voice, but also performing and completing those tasks. Siri was not the only attention-grabbing addition to the iPhone 4s as the introduction of the iCloud also garnered praise, particularly from the technological community. The iCloud was the iPhone’s very own take on the cloud storage unit, and it proved to be yet another welcome addition to the already impressive device.

Capitalizing on the success of its predecessors, the iPhone 5s is set to debut in the latter half of 2013. The newest model is yet to be released and already it is causing shockwaves within the technological community. Apple fans are waiting with bated breath to see just exactly what new additions or to be found on this newest installment of the popular gadget franchise, and early estimates also indicate that sales are set to be astronomical once again. The iPhone 5s is being met with tons of hype, but time and again, Apple has shown an ability to more than meet the public’s expectations.

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