Friday, 12 July 2013

Why to choose Samsung Galaxy S4?

With a lot of smart phones coming up these days with advanced features incorporated with the ultimate engineering technologies, there is a great confusion among the people to choose one. Such is a case in the most crowded metropolitan cities of India. The multifarious branded cell phones have left the people bewildered and confused. With the advancement in technology, rivalry among different companies is increasing day by day. Because of which we get something useful every day.

Samsung has just launched Samsung Galaxy S4 that is better than Samsung S3 in many aspects. With better design, video result, storage space, and speed of 1.9 GHz as compared to S3’s speed of 1.4 GHz, extra 0.2 inches screen and upgraded version of Android 4.2 with Touch wiz as compared to Android 4.1 being used in Samsung S3 and 18-megapixel camera as compared to 8-megapixel camera of Samsung S3. The world has been provided with an improved technology. Similarly, Apple launched iPad mini in 2012. It was the first product to introduce the screen size of 7.9 inches as compared to the standard size of iPad family that was of 9.7 inches. And a better display resolution with over 3 million apps.

The comparisons discussed until here demonstrated that both Samsung S4 and iPad mini are the advanced form among other members of their houses. Now coming to the comparison of these two superpowers, we will discuss all the aspects in detail. Starting with the speed comparison Samsung S4 has a quad processor as compared to dual core processor of iPad mini. This makes CPU of S4 60% faster than that of iPad mini.  And in terms of RAM, S4 with 2GB RAM becomes 300% faster than the 512MB iPad mini.

Although iPad mini is slimmer than S4, however, S4 has 163% more pixels than iPad mini with a resolution of 1080x1920px as compared to 768x1024px resolution of iPad mini.

Samsung S4 is 3G supported in contrast to iPad mini. This makes the downloading speed faster.S4 with a weight of 130 grams is almost 57% lighter than 308 grams iPad mini

Samsung Galaxy S4 has 18-megapixel camera with flash as compared to 5-megapixel camera of iPad.

S4 supports memory cards hence providing more storage space while iPad mini does not support memory cards. GPS helps to locate your location. This feature is present in S4 but not in iPad mini. S4 supports DLNA, NFC and Wi-Fi tethering whereas iPad mini does not.  Although iPad provides you with more over 3 million apps and is much better when it is compared to other members of iPad family, however, smart phone Samsung S4 proves to be much better than using an iPad. Otherwise, both devices are a blessing of modern technology and have their own plus points. Now decision depends on your choice. With the advancement in the technology, people have become advanced, smart and better than before. The GPS system enables them to go anywhere in India, even if they don’t know the way to, the GPS shows the way until they reach their destination.

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